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WordPress as a CMS or content management system is so popular nowadays that it is comparable to microsoft windows in the pc world. As windows has more than 80% market-share as per usage, WordPress also has a considerable amount of website users, not that much but still with 40% of entire web.

4 main reasons behind this huge success of WordPress​

There's many reason that this amazing piece of software has succeeded among the agencies and individual webmasters around the world. But here we will discuss about 4 main reasons!

1. Ease of Use​

WordPress is one of the easiest to use content management system among the web. Not gonna lie, one doesn't even need to write a single code to make a website up and running with WordPress. WordPress has developed it in such a way that everything can be done from the graphical interface or adding more add-ons/plugins.

2. Flexible​

From blog and news website to more complex shopping websites. There's no limitations in WordPress to build a website you want. WordPress is highly flexible, the only limitation can be the imagination!

3. One of the oldest​

Many good piece of software and web applications comes and go. Many good web platforms has became history already. But WordPress has managed to get better and better with each passing days from the past. It is one of the oldest so user-base is huge enough to support huge number of add-ons/plugins and themes.

4. Free-To-Use​

One of the reason WordPress is so famous is simply because it is free of cost. Anyone with a web hosting can install WordPress on their website for free. Even WordPress has their own WordPress free hosting with their WordPress.com subdomain. Many of us webmaster has started from the bottom, with little to money. And WordPress helped us grow with their convenient tools. Thanks WordPress!


WordPress is surely the well-known name in the web space. There is no doubt about it. And since you're here you already know why. Goodbye until next time you see one of my post. Leave a comment with your opinion if you liked or disliked it.