13 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Linux Over Windows

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So you are trying to decide which operating system will be better for you because the last update of windows broke the OS? Or are you just curious to explore Linux, as you have seen people are talking about it in the forums and those pc groups out there?

Well, you came to the right place. Stop right now and get through our 13 reasons why you should stick to windows and why you should not use Linux.

Why you should not use Linux over Windows.​

There were many factors about this topic and these are the best 13 reasons why one should stick with Windows,

1. Installing Linux Is Not Easy​

Alright if you read this part and disagree with this, well then my friend you are among the minority. Although, not everyone is a tech-savvy person and I got to admit that Linux installation is not as simple as windows installation. Creating bootable media and setting up dual boot can be perplexing.

2. Complication On Setting Up​

Furthermore, after installing Linux setting up can be hard as well. The application sometimes needs other dependencies to run as it should. Even more, finding and installing proprietary software and drive can be hard as well that not in the software store or repository in the Linux Distro.

While in windows one can download the software directly from the manufacturer or developer. Which is easier than building tar.gz like packages in Linux.

3. Change In Workflow​

As not every software we use in windows to do our productive work can not be found on Linux but there are always available alternatives that can make the job done.

Although the way of the usability will be much different and require a change in the workflow. This can hurt your productivity if you have less time in your hands. Well, then you should stick with Microsoft windows.

4. Accessories​

Some accessory software that we use in windows also may not be available to Linux yet. Such as Dolby Digital Surround Sound effect provided in windows in spatial sound, Radeon Relive, or Nvidia Shadow play-like interface to record your gameplay within the dedicated encoding hardware GPU provides. If you really need them then guess what? You got another reason to keep windows!

5. Official Support​

In the case of support, major Linux distros provide their official forum and wiki. But in windows, Microsoft provides even live chat and telephone support. Well because Microsoft is big enough to do that. In the case of Linux, it basically free so it doesn’t earn much apart from the donation and other fundings. So it can not provide you the level of support Microsoft provides.

6. Support By Big Companies​

Very few laptops and desktop computers come pre-installed with Linux. While Microsoft Windows comes preinstalled on most laptop and desktop computers. Also, hardware companies like Nvidia or AMD mainly support windows or mac, Secondly comes Linux. Certainly, Linux doesn’t get much attention from big companies. For a normal user it mostly good to go with the mainstream choice which is windows.

7. Driver​

Microsoft Windows always get the driver updates faster and earlier by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, in Linux, it may take some time to get the same update as you can understand why from the previous point. Which in some cases can lack some features as compared to windows.

8. Games​

Now, this is the most repeated anti-Linux argument. Can Linux game? Well yes but actually no. for the reason that developers don’t want to invest time to make games that work natively on Linux as market share/userbase is arguably low. Although nowadays Linux gaming is possible thanks to Valve/Steam who put a lot of effort into encouraging developers and making Linux native games.

But still, Linux has a long way to go to catch up with windows in terms of gaming. A hardcore gamer may stick with windows for their own good for now.

9. Appearance​

Well, I can understand what you are thinking about this as you see “appearance” to go in favor of windows. I agree Linux is a lot more customizable. But I must say the level of sleekness windows provides throughout everything (Example: boot animation especially in UEFI mode that fits with the hardware/motherboard’s logo, the beautiful graphical interface of the system) without doing customization. While you have to put effort to make Linux beautiful, even though not everything looks pretty.

10. Bugs​

Windows may not be the perfect operating system. In the most recent version of windows, windows 10 arguably had some serious bugs which are fixed afterward. But still, someone with eagle-eye can find bugs even with the latest builds of Windows 10. But the majority of users do not have issues using windows. Microsoft has a huge budget and employed hundreds of people to test and fine-tune the operating system.

While in Linux this is a different story, Linux distros and apps are mainly maintained by the people inside the community and they don’t have that much budget to do that in the first place. Tech enthusiasts might not have a problem with the bugs because they can figure out or fix them. But for normal people, bugs in Linux can be the worst nightmare.

11. Less Number Of software​

Linux does not have access to the most widely used apps in the world and for most people, it is important because they get used to it or compatibility. For example, there is much software that didn’t choose the Linux route like Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, and many others. Linux enthusiasts can make a workaround to run these applications but they are very unstable.

12. Software Updates​

Linux has come a long way since 1991 and has much software available nowadays. But it still lags behind its Windows counterpart. For the reason that windows have an 85% userbase of all desktop or laptop computers around the world. And where Linux is around 1-2%. That is why developers consider Linux ”not worth the time” stays in second in priority.

Although nowadays many big companies make software up to date for Linux, small companies can not keep up because of resources. While in windows everything just works!

13. Choice Of Distribution​

And now here comes this issue for the newcomers who want to switch to Linux. Choice of distribution, you need to search and study to find yourself a ”perfect distro”. Honestly saying that can be very painful to the newcomers. Linux is highly fragmented as well as the community. Where in windows you have only a few choices, windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Final Verdict​

Linux is not for everyone currently. Also, Linux is not bad either. If you are a tech enthusiast and love to tinker, you will love it. Security, stability, privacy, and customizability are the key features of Linux.

But not everyone will need these features in favor of other major advantages that windows have. Why you should not use Linux or why you should use, is totally up to you. If you are a person who just wants everything just work on the go then Windows is for you and you should keep using it.