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Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel to Anyone in Bikini. But Anyone?!

Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel to Anyone in Bikini Meme.jpg

A russian gas station promised to offer free fuel to anyone in bikini! Crazy isn't it?

But this is actually true. The "Olvi gas station" that situated in Samara, Russia has promised free fuel to anyone who will turn up there wearing bikini!

Well, they thought they would have the woman with bikinis in their gas station. But they didn't had any idea that they were doing it wrong!!

They were surprised when they found out that even men were coming there in two piece clothes or a bikini to claim there free fuel!

How crazy is that! Well totally worth the free fuel!!

"Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel to Anyone in Bikini". Indeed a very poor choice of words!!


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Mar 15, 2021
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