How to quickly increase loading speed and decrease latency of your WiFi Router?

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We often face network slow downs at our wifi routers. But you have done some speed test and found out that everything works just fine, right? Well it's more complicated than that.

On a wifi router you usually don't have much choices to fix such issue right? Because modern routers already comes with best settings for connectivity. What you put in router settings basically is, a static IP, gateway IP, and DNS 1 & DNS 2.

So How to Improve The Wifi Router Speed & Latency?​

Your internet service provider or ISP provides with those things I mentioned above. You can't really do anything with first two things there, the main (Static) IP & gateway. But you can do change the Primary DNS (DNS 1) & Secondary DNS (DNS 2).

But we need to know what is DNS and what purpose it has here in this case. DNS is a "Domain Name Server", that basically works as a phonebook to connect to the internet via different domain names. A domain such as, or points to an IP address of a web server. A DNS works as a phonebook for the IP addresses.

Why a fast DNS is important?​

A fast DNS resolver is important because if a DNS server is slow then it would take you quite long time to connect when you visit a website. In most cases, the default DNS provided by your ISP can be slow especially at busy hours.

Maybe because your ISP is not big enough to have powerful DNS server or simply they don't care (because no one complaints & most people don't know about this).

Fast, Free & Secure DNS Servers for your Wifi Router​

Here are two free DNS resolver for you to use on your WiFi Router! These two are backed by big companies behind it so you can worry less about security.

Choose any of these two below and use them as your WiFi router's Primary & Secondary DNS.

1. Cloudflare
Cloudflare is mainly a gigantic CDN (content delivery network) company used by many big companies world wide. But they also provide public DNS resolvers for everyone to use for FREE!

Primary IPV4 DNS:
Secondary IPV4 DNS:

Primary IPV6 DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1111

Secondary IPV6 DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1001

2. Google's
Similarly google also has their own public DNS resolvers for everyone to use on their router. This is Google, So I don't have to explain who they are too you, if you are familiar to internet you already know about them!

Primary IPV4 DNS:
Secondary IPV4 DNS:

Primary IPV6 DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888
Secondary IPV6 DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844


By using those DNS providers you can significantly improve the latency issues and loading time issues on your WiFi router's internet connection. But you will not notice any improvements if your default DNS providers are good enough already.

But using either Cloudflare or Google dns you will be more secure over the internet. Although they are big companies but me and Fastburg won't take responsibility of your own data using those DNS resolvers provided here.

Pro tip, Google is fast. But Cloudflare is even faster. Because their company is only meant to be the fastest CDN in the world and it is! We use Cloudflare CDN for and we are happy with it.