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I know most probably you are looking for the fastest downloader app or download manager app for downloading your desired content. But you don’t find something good for your needs, right? I’m gonna let you know about a downloader app for android that is not only the fastest but also best for video downloads.

Also, you might wonder that if this app is that good why can’t I find it myself? Well, sometimes you just can’t find what you need right at the start. That’s why you are here.

So what is this magic app that really works well for downloading content?

If you are a Windows PC user then you probably heard of “Internet Download Manager” also known as “IDM”. IDM works really well on a windows computer. But now there is an equivalent mobile version as well!

1DM for Android​

1DM is an Android app that is mainly focused on downloading content from the internet. This all-in-one downloader app is developed and distributed by Vicky Bonik, a resident of India. Released on 8th March 2017.

While this outstanding android app already grabbed over 10 million+ downloads on Google Play Store. But personally, I feel like that it deserves a lot more attention than that.

In Android’s Play Store you may find a lot of apps for this purpose. But this one really stands out among the crowd! It is safe to say that there are more than enough reasons to use 1DM over other downloader apps out there.

1DM: The Fastest Downloader App For Android?​

Speed is a really important factor for downloading content from the Internet. But this 1DM app for Android any good in terms of speed?

Without a doubt, Yes. This is by far the best app for android in terms of downloading any content at the fastest possible speed. From videos to torrents, there is nothing that this app can not download!

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1DM Supports Sequential Download​

The biggest advantage in 1DM is the support for sequential download of any content. 1DM can download a file by dividing it into multiple pieces or parts.

To make it simple here is an example for you. Suppose if one person is assigned to do a certain job it would take 32 minutes and if 8 are persons assigned to do the same job it would take 4 minutes.

That is how sequential download works. 1DM supports up to 16 parts for sequential download. While other apps like chrome, firefox for android do not support this feature at all.

Fast In-App UI & Low Ram Usage​

While being a feature-packed app 1DM still managed to stay as lightweight as possible. This app has very little RAM & other system resource usage. A fast user interface or UI is always appreciated.

Video Grabbing & Downloading Support​

1DM is the only app for android where proper video download is supported. Thanks to 1DM’s in-app browser, the video grabbing and download was never been so easy.

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Whenever you use the built-in browser inside the 1DM app for video content websites, you will get video downloading notifications. In the top right corner, you will see the number of downloadable video files.

Convert Video While Downloading​

There is an option to convert videos to mp4 and audio format to aac while downloading. By default most of video-based website uses ts or other formats that are good on web but bad on device video players. But IDM solves the problem by converting video downloads to mp4 format.

converts video to mp4 while downloading min 1024x811.jpg

High-Speed Torrent Download​

1DM is one of the fastest torrent downloader app as well! In real-life tests, 1DM is faster than the mainstream torrent download apps like uTorrent and BitTorrent.

If the torrent is healthy then 1DM can download it in a flash! You need to use it yourself to get yourself a better idea of this experience.

Torrent Downloader App For Android min 1024x811.jpg

If you are not a seeder 1DM downloader for android might be the best torrent app for you. Because it will stop seeding automatically after the file successfully downloaded.

Advanced Resume Download Support​

1DM supports advanced error handling which automatically fixes errors and this feature doesn’t let the files be corrupted. One can be even downloaded, pause, resume even on a very slow internet connection.

It also supports replacing the download link of a broken download file and it will resume as expected.

Download with Advanced Resume Support min 1024x811.jpg

The refresh link in the browser feature will load the download webpage of the file in 1DM’s built-in browser. Which is a very handy feature to have.

Few More Reasons to use IDM Instead of Other Downloader Apps​

While 1DM being the fastest downloader app for android, it does not short on features. There are plenty of reasons to choose this amazing app.

In-Built Browser​

1DM for android has a very advanced in-built web browser inside. This feature was meant to make the download easy. And it works out of my expectations.

It supports tabs, bookmarks, host-based adblocker, desktop view switch, video streaming support, incognito browsing, and many more feature you would want from a good mobile web browser.

1DM is Not a Chinese App!​

We already know that most good and functional apps were Chinese. But being a Chinese company they log and shares your data with the Chinese government.

The ban of Chinese company Huawei is nothing new. It was banned from the USA and Google Android usage rights due to data privacy issues. Recently India bans all Chinese apps and games due to the same issue, data privacy.

So for that obvious reason, you might want to use services and products that are non-Chinese.

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Less in-App Ads. & Clean UI​

1DM free version includes only one banner ad at the download section and one banner ad at the browser’s bottom area.

Overall this app does not have any other ads. Forget those annoying full-screen ads.

Simultaneous Download​

It supports up to 5 downloads at once. This means you don’t have to wait to download another file while the previous one is still downloading.

1DM distributes the incoming data bandwidth or network speed among the running downloads.

Premium Version​

1DM download manager app for android has a premium version, which is named “1DM+”. This is completely ad-free and supports download scheduling. It is capable of 32 parts of each download and 10 simultaneous downloads as well. All these premium features come at a very attractive price.

Fastest Downloader App for Android 1024x311.jpg

Get it on Google Playstore​

Download or install "1DM: Fastest Video, Torrent Downloader & Browser" on your android smartphone! Available on Google Playstore. Click on the button below to download it from Google playstore.

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Final Verdict​

This fastest downloader app, 1DM not only claimed 10 million+ downloads but also got 4.5 out of 5 ratings on Google Play Store.

You may try it yourself and compare it to the other app available. I’m pretty confident as this is my personal favorite app.

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