We Can’t Believe Facebook is Down For This Long! Is It A Good Time to Switch, Right?

We can’t believe a social media mega-giant like Facebook and its owned services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc will be all down at the same time. Yes, it’s not your internet problem, you figured that out quite a long ago right?

As of this huge downtime or outage of Facebook and all of its services, don’t you think this is high time to switch to another service? Many of us know the news of data privacy of Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scam. Therefore many of us don’t like Facebook and how they handle our personal data in the first place.

Social Media Websites & Apps That You Can Use Instead of Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram

It’s your choice to make the switch or not. I will put some links to the alternative services that you can use now and after this global Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram outage. I will make this list as short and simple as possible.

1. Telegram Instead Of Whatsapp

It’s already so much popular around the world. But if you don’t know, then I will tell you. Telegram is a messaging app that works kinda similar or better than WhatsApp. It’s more privacy-focused and offers tons of features. You can check it for yourself.

Visit Telegram

2. Pinterest or Tumblr Instead Instagram

If you use Instagram to share your pictures and photographs online or view photos of people you like or admire. Then you might get annoyed by this outage of Instagram. It’s not new, we all know Instagram is owned by Facebook and they are up to no good.

Switch to these innovative photo-sharing websites or social media. Pinterest & Tumblr is my choice. Comment down below if you have a better alternative currently.

Visit Pinterest
Visit Tumblr
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3. Twitter or Reddit instead of Facebook

If you use Facebook to connect with people or reach an audience of yours. Then you should know Facebook is not the only place you can make friends, meet interesting people, and having good conversations or time. You should seriously consider using these social media services, this evil tech social media monster called Facebook! You should make the switch to other social media websites or services, in this Facebook global outage or downtime.

My first choice is Twitter and my second most favorite social media platform is Reddit. For sure the learning curves on these platforms are different, but it’s worth a shot! Only an unstoppable force can move the “immovable” object.

Visit Twitter
Visit Reddit


You should consider using those websites and social media services or apps I mentioned above in this forum post. Also, you can drop your own suggestions below. Anyways you can always consider using Fastburg instead of Facebook as well. We care about your data and privacy, also we don’t have unscheduled downtime and outages, unlike Facebook. 😉

Read more & join the conversation on this hot topic about this Facebook outage. Visit Fastburg Forum!

Services Mentioned Above

Social Media ServicesURL
1. TwitterClick here to visit
2. Telegram Click here to visit
3. Reddit Click here to visit
4. Pinterest Click here to visit
5. Tumblr Click here to visit

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