Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker v2.3.5

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Jul 11, 2021
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Block unwanted calls using community database or blacklist. No need to waste time or waking up from unwanted calls with advertisment, collectors, banks and other "spam".

Attention! Some manufacturers use non-standard telephony, because of that the call block will not work. Please do not leave negative feedback in this case. With a high probability all other blockers won't work.

Important! If you have other blocker on the phone installed, even with disabled functionality, slows down the application and increases chances that device ring or vibrate before blocking number.

Main features:
- works on most devices;
- block methods: end call (reject) / Silence ringer (turn off tone and vibration)
- block incoming call by community database;
- block by blacklist;
- block hidden/private numbers;
- block foreign numbers;
- don't block contacts;
- block all except contacts;
- don't block numbers from whitelist;
- delete blocked calls from call log;
- show SIM number for calls;
- notification about blocked calls.

- ready and constantly updated database;
- high-speed blocking;
- separate block rules for any sim-card;
- compatible with most phones, including 2-SIM phones;
- minimum processor, memory, and battery loading;
- quick on/off settings;
- quickly add/remove incoming number to/from black/whitelist;
- beautiful and simple interface.

We send only ANONYMOUS statistic on our servers for extending community database.

Premium / Paid features Unlocked
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