High Unemployment Rate & Joblessness In India

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April 8, 2020, by Pratyusha Jha
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India is a well-known country for its large population. This gives birth to a high unemployment rate covering the country and it affects the Indian economy. The educational levels and vocational skills are low or totally absent. If we look into the present scenario we will find more than 60% of the present youth unemployed due to lack of different resources. Unemployment in India is at an all-time high, why?

Reasons for the high unemployment rate in India.​

The already high unemployment rate in India is at a peak in the year 2020. And there’s a lot of reasons behind this scenario. We at FastBurg tried to analyze and gather various reasons and information behind this. Starting with the good old education system topic.

Old Ideology and Out-dated Education System​

The syllabus as taught in schools and colleges is not as per the current requirements of the industries.

In most schools, collage, and universities the way of teaching is still shockingly outdated as well the syllabus as said before. This is the main cause of structural unemployment.

Infrastructure and Fundings​

Lack of growth in infrastructure and low investments leads to restricting the employment potential of the secondary sector. Not having opportunities and low productivity in the agriculture sector restricts agricultural workers to change from primary to secondary and service sectors.

Lack of motivation​

Motivation is the vital key to learn or work with more efficiency. Being more focused on work results in a better quality of results. Being a workaholic with quality of work can definitely get a person employed. Because as always hard work pays off.

Negative usage of technology​

Another cause of joblessness in India is the usage of technology in a negative way. The time of the internet revolution (The Jio era), can lead to the distraction of youths. Misuse of the internet as especially wasting time on unproductive things, can be the reason for unemployment among the young generation.

Effects of Joblessness in India​

The problem of joblessness in India gives rise to the problem of poverty. Mostly the youth after a span of being unemployed join in illegal and wrong activities to earn money. Which leads to an increase in crime in the country.

Jobless people can easily be convinced by antisocial elements. Thus making
they lose faith in the democratic ethics of the country.

It is often noticed that unemployed people end up getting addicted to drugs and alcohol or suicidal tendencies, resulting in a loss to the human resources of the country.

Positive Growth​

There are a number of labor-intensive manufacturing sectors in India. Such as food processing, leather, and footwear, wood manufacturers and furniture, textiles and apparel, and garments. That’s contributed to making new job opportunities. This improves the situation of joblessness in India.

Special packages, individually designed for each industry are needed to create jobs. Public investment in sectors like health, education, police, and judiciary can create many government jobs.

Localization of Industrial activities is necessary so that people of every region get employment. So the development of the rural areas will indirectly help decrease the high unemployment rate in urban places as more job opportunities created in the rural area.

Make in India​

However, ‘Make in India‘ is a healthy initiative towards unemployment providing employment opportunities. As well as internet-related, sectors, have been noticed through this program by the Indian Government.


Start-ups in India are also a solution to joblessness though it depends on what the entrepreneurs are working on and creating for people. Small start-ups with a lack of state support, legal complexities, and low infrastructural, financial, and market linkages make these enterprises not capable of cost and compliance overruns.

Government Steps​

Women’s entry and their active participation in the job market will be a fruitful step. The Government needs to take steps in the education system. Therefore try implementing new ways to generate skilled labor. Thus contributing positively towards the joblessness in India.

Final words​

Also, encouragement of entrepreneurship among the youth should be aimed. The effective implementation by the Government of present programs like Make in India, Skill India schemes is a need of the hour.

As a result, it helps reduce the high unemployment rate and joblessness in India.
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