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Are you getting mobile usability errors in Google Search Console or GSC such as “Text too small to read”, “Clickable elements too close together“, and “Content wider than screen” all of a sudden? Then you are probably at the right place! Sometimes these mobile-friendly errors or mobile usability issues are natural and caused by some bad advertisement banner alignment and sizes. Sometimes it happens because the CSS or javascript files were not loaded properly or it got blocked by the robots.txt file. But one thing most webmasters don’t know is that Google has a crawl budget for every website that got listed in their index. I will explain them all in this article today! 1. Ads Are Bigger Than Mobile Screen Size A lot of us webmasters...
Dear webmaster, You Have you encountered the following error in Google Webmaster tool. The error Says I will explain step by step guide to solve this error. What is Referenced AMP URL is self-canonical AMP Error? his error may surface when a site is providing a paired AMP experience and external factors could be altering the way the <link> tag is rendered on your canonical (non-AMP) page or interfering with the way the AMP version of the page is served. How Detect The Error? 1. Login to Google Webmaster Tools 2. Test your Page at Google Webmaster Url Validator. 3. You can also Check AMP Status here at GOOGLE AMP VALIDIATOR Why This Error occurs? This Error mainly occurs mainly conflicts between SEO PLUGIN (Yeost/Rankmath or...