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Mobile Gaming

Articles and latest news about mobile games, the mobile gaming communities, and mobile e-sports around the world.
It is always nice to play games with friends and family! That is why today we will guide you to some multiplayer and cross-platform games for mobile phones, available for Android and iOS(iPhones). Because mobile phones or smartphones can be a handy platform for gamers who like to play on the go. That’s where mobile gaming begins. Yes all PCMR and Console Fans, 2020 is a year where mobile...
PUBG Mobile is the massively popular battle royale game for mobile. Which is available to almost every country in the world. But currently in India PUBG Mobile is banned due to some reasons. The question is, will PUBG Mobile be unbanned, in India? It’s already been more than two weeks since 2nd September in this year 2020 (The ban date of PUBG Mobile in India.). But gamers and streamers...