Competitive Game Settings For PUBG LITE – How To Become A Pro?

In This Article, We Will Be Explaining The Best Settings for Pro Competitive Play & FPS Performance in PUBG Lite PC! About Graphics & Sensitivity Settings.
[UPDATED] [16/03/2021]

It’s been more than 2 years and 2 months now since the Beta Release & Server Opening of the lite version of the popular battle royale title Player’s Unknown Battleground since January 24th in 2019. PUBG Lite PC already ended their closed beta state & now it’s almost at the end of their Open Beta Programme.

Since then it kept releasing country wise and now it is available almost everywhere in the world, although it’s in an open beta state. Popularity increased, so does the competitive side of the game. And it is necessary to keep up with the game as well. The most important factor of the gameplay of PUBG Lite is the graphic setting and sensitivity of the game.

So we gathered detailed information on the graphic settings of the top streamers and professional players from the original PUBG (steam version) since PUBG Lite resembles most of the UI and in-game mechanics from it. Although we tried each and individual setting to calculate the best setting among all.

Here Is Our Graphic Setting Recommendation For Low-End PC​

OptionRecommended Setting
Window ModeFullscreen (Windowed)
Display resolution1920×1080
FPP Camera FOV103
Overall QualityCustom
Screen Scale100
Post-ProcessingVery Low
ShadowsVery Low
TexturesHigh – Ultra
EffectsVery Low
FoliageVery Low
View DistanceMedium – Ultra

Graphic Setting Recommendation For Mid to High-End PC​

OptionRecommended Setting
Window ModeFullscreen (Windowed)
Display resolution1920×1080
FPP Camera FOV103
Overall QualityCustom
Screen Scale100
Anti-AliasingHigh – Ultra
Post-ProcessingHigh – Ultra
ShadowsVery Low – Low
TexturesHigh – Ultra
EffectsHigh – Ultra
FoliageHigh – Ultra
View DistanceHigh – Ultra

Explaining The Graphics Settings, What Do All These Mean?​

I will keep this as short and informative as possible for the sake of time and also to be relevant. But always feel free to ask me anything about this issue in the comment section, if I missed something here.

Window Mode

This setting allows you to how you wanna view the game on your pc, which comes with a default setting “Full Screen (Windowed)” which means it stays in full screen but also the desktop background UI works seamlessly so you can probably multitask while playing.

Display Resolution

It refers to how many pixels a display has in length x width format (the more, the better). But although the standard resolution is 1920 x 1080 for optimal fps/performance you can set it to high if your graphics card and monitor are suitable for it. Higher-resolution costs more performance.

FPP Camera FOV

FPP means First-Person Perspective and FOV means Field of View. I guess that makes it clear for you. If you want to see more of the area of what you are looking at (in First Person), then you must set it to as wide as possible which is 103 for now.


So this setting does not impact the fps in the game but certainly improves enemy spotting skills if you make it a little higher, and the environment will look bright to help you to spot on those sweet kills! A dark background can be hard on your eyes for spotting distant objects.

Overall Quality

There are 5 preset graphic profiles in the settings which are Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Ultra. But in this case, it would be custom because we will do some tweaks here.

Screen Scale

Screen scale setting is there to balance or reduce the rough edges in the game. This works like this suppose, setting screen scale more than 100 on 1920 x 1080 resolution it will over smooth the in-game textures. Basically, the optimal setting is 100 but you will only need to crank it high when using higher resolution settings. It slightly affects the performance as well just like the resolution setting


This setting is especially for reducing the jagged or rough line in the textures. It requires a lot of performance in most of the games but in PUBG Lite it is well optimized so it doesn’t take much of the system resource usage. Also, I have heard anti-aliasing in PUBG lite does not work very well (For me this is true).


Now, this is the setting where the impact on the visuals is minimal, but it does improve the visual quality a little bit after the graphic rendered in-game. It does have a quite high effect on FPS. So keeping it low is a good choice for juicing out most of the performance/FPS, especially if you are having FPS drops.


It can be enabled to create a more realistic look to the game. Although enabling shadow to high or ultra might be a little heavy for low-mid end PCs. For competitive gameplay, it is recommended to set shadow to very low or low.


This setting decides how the quality of textures in the game (example: your character, enemy, buildings, and more). In pubg lite it does not take a lot in system resources, so I will suggest you set high or ultra for nice visuals. But this will depend on how much Video Memory your Graphics Card or iGPU has. If your graphics card has more than 2GB of video memory you can set it to high or ultra. But if you have less than 2GB, you might have to set it to low or medium.


All those little things that actually make the game more realistic is the effect in the settings. It controls the quality of the effects like the light when muzzle-flash on darkroom or spot, quality of the light, blood splatter, explosions, etc. But unfortunately, it does take a lot of system resources. So it is a trade-off between visual effects and fps for low-end PCs. So if you have a low-mid end pc you can set it to low-mid to maximize fps. And higher values for high-end PCs.


Foliage refers to the trees and grasses and this setting controls the quality of the trees and grasses. It does not actually affect system performance. But setting it low may help spot enemies better. Although there’s not much difference in terms of PUBG Lite PC, You can set it to higher values to keep things beautiful.

View Distance

This is actually a debated topic in the community because it controls how you get close before the object like trees, buildings, and rocks visible in the game. Turning it high or ultra lets you know what around you. But they say that turning it low will show the enemy in the distance regardless of their hidden position. I will recommend you to keep this high or ultra to render distance objects.

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This is setting controls the overall lighting effect to give the game a photo-realistic effect. As an example, the formation of shadow in the opposite direction of a source of light like sun or muzzle flash. Turning it off will turn off all the natural lighting effects from the game as well as the formation of shadows. Thus, making the game look less attractive with a white tint.


When the game frame rate and the monitor’s frame rate do not actually keep up (When the G-Sync or FreeSync technology not available to your monitor) you can see occasional screen tearing that is very unpleasant to look at actually. Then the V-Sync turned on can help to fix this. Otherwise, it doesn’t actually do anything. Keep in mind that it could take a lot of system resources. Turning V-Sync on will fix the screen tearing issue but it will cap the in-game fps to the maximum fps allocated by the monitor you are using.

Sensitivity Setting Recommendation For PUBG Lite​

We are good with the graphics settings for PUBG PC lite. Now we need to set the sensitivity for those crisp headshots and smooth gun recoil control. By analyzing various settings and information from professional players we recommend keeping mouse sensitivity to 800 DPI or lower (minimum is 400 DPI). We already know gaming mice do have some crazy high DPI that is totally outrageously high. Although it’s a personal preference we find no advantage of using DPI over 1600. BTW, Here our in-game sensitivity settings for pro gameplay,

OptionRecommended Setting
Invert MouseDisable or Enable At your own choice
Vertical Sensitivity1.8
General Sensitivity30 – 50
AIM Sensitivity30 – 50
ADS Sensitivity20 – 40
Universal Sensitivity for all ScopesDisable
2x Scope Sensitivity20-40
3x Scope Sensitivity20-40
4x Scope Sensitivity20-40
6x Scope Sensitivity10-40
8x Scope Sensitivity10-40

And It’s always a good idea to check which setting you are most comfortable with but I hope this PUBG Lite sensitivity setting guide will help you. But if you face any issue always feel free to ask me in the comment section and also leave a comment if it worked out well for you.

Minimum System Requirement For PUBG Lite​

System SpecMinimum System Requirements
Operating System (OS)Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i3 or AMD FX series
Memory4 GB
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Vega 3 iGPU
DirectXVersion 11
NetworkAny stable connection with 500kbps speed 60ms latency

Recommended System Requirement For PUBG Lite

System SpecRecommended System Requirements
Operating System (OS)Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen
Memory8 GB
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectXVersion 11
NetworkBroadband wired connection


It always best to search for the best setting that suits you the most in-game but we tried to gather information from our own experience and a lot of sources for you guys and we are pretty hopeful that it will work out great for you. Thanks for reading this article & see you in the battleground!

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