Fastest Downloader App for Android – For Videos & Torrents

Fastest Downloader App for Android

I know most probably you are looking for the fastest downloader app or download manager app for downloading your desired content. But you don’t find something good for your needs, right? I’m gonna let you know about a downloader app for android that is not only the fastest but also best for video downloads. Also, … Read more

Why PUBG Mobile is Banned in India? Will it Be Unbanned Anytime Soon?

Why India banned PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the massively popular battle royale game for mobile. Which is available to almost every country in the world. But currently in India PUBG Mobile is banned due to some reasons. The question is, will PUBG Mobile be unbanned, in India? It’s already been more than two weeks since 2nd September in this … Read more

10 Best Multiplayer & Cross-Platform Games for Mobile (Android/iPhone)

cross platform mobile games

It is always nice to play games with friends and family! That is why today we will guide you to some multiplayer and cross-platform games for mobile phones, available for Android and iOS(iPhones). Because mobile phones or smartphones can be a handy platform for gamers who like to play on the go. That’s where mobile … Read more

How to Protect Electronic Devices from Thunderstorm & Lightning Strike

Protect Electronic Devices from Thunderstorm Lightning Strike

Casualties can happen from the act of nature, the lighting storm or the thunderstorm. In every year there’s enormous amount of losses caused by this phenomenon. Especially in the summer, electric surge damage due to thunderstorm or lightning storm happens around the World. In recent reports, we found out that there’s atleast 500 millions to … Read more

13 Reasons Why You Should Not use Linux over Windows

Windows vs Linux 2020

So you are trying to decide which operating system will be better for you because the last update of windows broke the OS? Or are you just curious to explore Linux, as you have seen people are talking about it in the forums and those pc groups out there? Well, you came to the right … Read more

Competitive Game Settings For PUBG LITE – How to Become A Pro?

PUBG LITE PC Competitive Settings Guide

In This Article We Will Be Explaining The Best Settings for Pro Competitive Play & FPS Performance in PUBG Lite PC! About Graphics & Sensitivity Settings. [UPDATED] [05/09/2020] It’s been more than 1 year and 5 months now from the Beta Release & Server Opening of the lite version of the popular battle royale title … Read more