Working Online And Remote Learning in A Pandemic.

Working online and remote learning

Working online has never been as easy as before. 2020 is sure a year to remember, but it has taught us a few lessons too. Before beginning about remote learning, “The world is moving into a new direction and I think Remote work is the new big thing that’s gonna happen”. Remote Learning in simpler … Read more

Hantavirus 2020: What Do You Truly Need to Know?

Hantavirus 2020

There is no end to viruses! in China after the ‘killer’ Coronavirus, another deadly virus ‘Hantavirus’ has appeared in this year 2020. This has caused fear amongst people and there was chaos everywhere. Yes, Another deadly virus, Hantavirus has surfaced from China in the year 2020. The country where the first coronavirus outbreak began in … Read more

What will happen to football season 2019-2020? : The Hot Buzz

football season 2019-2020

The pandemic has hit high hopes of football fans around the globe. The most popular sport is traumatized.we don’t know what will happen to football season 2019-2020 What will happen if there is no football in season 2019-2020? It will mean there is no Cristiano Ronaldo no Messi No Barcelona No Real Madrid. It means … Read more

Do Startups in India Lacking Creativity & Innovation?

startups in India lacking creativity & innovation

I would like to start this topic about startups in India lacking creativity & innovation by, rephrasing the sentence “The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make another Google. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won’t create another social network. If you are copying these … Read more